Glass Bead Collective (GBC)

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Guerrilla Projection Art

Augmentation of existing space to recontextualize existing cultural symbols.



Immersive Visuals:


An Immersive audio-visual set perfomed on an inflatable structure built by the collective members, Independence Day July 4th, 2008

NYC Decom 2006 - Eye of Perception Installation on a Roof



SalaLocal Festival 2005




VJ Sets:

This is by no means a complete set of our work. Just the things we actually had time to upload to the web.


Towers: A metaphysical journery through modern American Identity

Barcelona Set (2005) - perfomance at Miles De Viviendes art squat in Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with VJ Koch. Two subclips are ANARCHY and SKYSCRAPER.





FocFeria Festival (2005) - EYE OF PERCEPTION - immersive media environment installation and set. Two subclips are DERVISH and FOLLOW THE LEADER.


REVOLUTION (2005)-an audio/video set dealing with the cyclical nature of revolution and oppression performed live at CyberArts Festival at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Maine. Music by Jose Hinestrossa.



SHOCK & AWE (2003)- a video/sound installation combined with a flash mob taking place immediately following anti-war protests on March 20, 2004. A candle light vigil outside of a firehouse in Soho combined with a five minute film which connected the bombing of Baghdad and post 9/11 vigils in Union Square followed by a live video/sound set, in a Soho gallery, exploring the relationship between pro-war propaganda from the 1940s to the present.


SPACE PARTY (2003) - a video/sound installation which explored and contrasted the imagery and propaganda created by the Soviets and the Americans during the space race.


NO EXIT (2002) - a multi-media production of Jean Paul Sartre's play.



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