Glass Bead Collective Projections on Ground Zero Mosque 09.09.2010

Using the universal symbols of the earth, circle, and equality sigh mixed in with words unity and equality in a dozen different languages this is an attempt to recontexualize the ground zero mosque in such a way that the right can no longer use it as a rallying point for islamophobia and hate.


Conceptual Development by: Ason Indigo, Mikey Appuhn, Nick Brooks, Shelby Voice, Vlad T.

Execution Team: Ason Indigo, Leo K, Nick Brooks, Vlad T, Wylie Law

Documentation: Video: Courtney Sheetz, Ason Indogo, PrimeVal. Photos: Jason Nicholas, Leo K

Video Edit: Courtney Sheetz, Leo K, Nick Brooks, Vlad T

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